Diocese of Boga


The administration of the diocese requires a constitution, canon and guidelines. The legal texts we have are not related to reality, being copied from other sources. The synod advised the DSP to organize the draft of new legal texts to be submitted to an extraordinary synod next September in Bukiringi archdeaconry.

Another issue concerns the financial situation of the diocese that depends at 90 % from grants. The synod advised the DSB to produce the Budget and 50 % of the it covered by local contribution. The accounts books produced and given to all the congregations from the cathedral to the village church to record all entries and expenses. Related to financial situation of the diocese as it affects the life of the retiring staff, it was advised to organize a Pension Scheme starting from January, managed by an independent board.

Our church services have two tendencies, the charismatic Pentecostal and the Traditional. One accuses the other of being boring, and the Traditional accusing the other of being so chaotic. The synod has decided that we harmoniously combine the two for harmonious worship of our Lord. It is recommended that the diocesan office produces the prayer and hymn books. The books production will also be a source of income for the diocesan office

The bishop was requested to contact a publishing house in Kampala. Another issue raised is about the great need we have for lay ministers. The diocese has 28 parishes, 6 archdeaconries and cathedral, more than 100 village churches, they need trained lay ministers.

The synod recommended that our bible school be opened and trains in semi residential lay ministers. They come for two months training and go back to their churches. Qualified ministers will volunteer for teaching. The synod came to understand that we cannot effectively carry out God’s work if we are financially carried by others. It is time that we look at what God has given us and use it for proclaiming his Kingdom. That Kingdom begins from us.

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