Monday, February 18, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu


  •  Agro pastoral: Small livestock, food and vegetable crops, planting sugar cane and training
  •  Environmental: Community Reforestation; dissemination of improved stoves; handmade bricks and training
  •  For women in difficult circumstances: Micro credit financing and spiritual life education
  •  For children in difficult circumstances: Education for life, dressmaking, literacy and schooling
  • With young people: training, social support, spiritual and cultural fellowship awards
  •  For and on behalf of children: ECODIM; various spiritual social and cultural events
  • In favor of the people of the third age:
  • For other disadvantaged groups (pygmies, ...) Supervision of pygmies, blind and deaf and dumb
  • For the fight against HIV / AIDS: Counseling, training, micro credit
  •  In the fight against malaria and other major diseases
  • Others: Woodworking Shop
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