Monday, February 18, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu

Agape Christian Youth (JCA) Mission

  •  Organization 3 days of youth  one day each year.
  •  Repairs to the home of the Department of Youth located in Gasoline
  •  Organization and revitalization of the diocesan office Sunday School
  •  Participation in the seminar on HIV / AIDS in Baraka and Kalehe
  •  Organization of training seminar on the management of trauma and its effects on the intention of representing different social strata of Bukavu.
  •  Visits to the girls, young and pygmies in different parishes archdeaconries Lake Kivu Uvira, Bukavu and Lake Tanganyika.
  •  Preparation of a manual for Sunday School
  •  Purchase of a computer
  •  Organization of a training seminar 13 monitors Sunday School for archdeacon of Bukavu, Uvira and Lake Kivu
  •  Organization of meetings of diocesan committees and Youth Sunday School
  •  Celebrating Sunday of children in archdeaconries
  •  Organization of two evangelical youth camps archdeaconries Bukavu, Lake Tanganyika and Uvira Bangwe and Luvungi.
  •  Recycling of Diocesan leaders Framers Training Centre Youth (CFEK) Mahagi (Diocesan Coordinator and Officer Section of girls).
  •  Dissemination of manuals published by young Miss JUDY ACHESON:'' Young with God rebuild our beautiful country'','' Young with God, fighting against poverty in R. D. Congo''.
  •  Training 8 pro youth EKKJ and 1 ISTAS / Mahagi.
  •  Distribution of Christmas gifts to about 600 children.
  •  Development, application and monitoring of eight projects to donors.
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