Sunday, February 17, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu


  •  The quantitative and qualitative growth as Christians with one of the tracks of solutions of Evangelization planned actions, modernized and adapted to the local context,
  •  The poverty of the population with one of the tracks as solutions the capacity of mobilization and use of local resources. The grinding poverty of our people which is compounded by insecurity, looting, violence and repeated massacres of peaceful citizens.
  •  The low average shares as one of the tracks of solutions, the creation of income-generating activities.
  •  Insecurity and wars as one of the tracks solutions advocacy and prayer,
  •  Transport and communication difficult, especially in remote areas.
  •  Lack of trained managers can cope with the many challenges of modern life.
  •  The massive and continuous population movements.
  •  The destruction by the militias and / or dilapidated school, church and health infrastructure. Hence the need for rehabilitation or reconstruction.
  •  The piecemeal litigation.

The diocese is seeking partnership in the fields of Health and Development and to meet the socio-food and health needs of the population and institutional capacity building.

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