Monday, February 18, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu

Department of Evangelism

  •  36 visits by the Bishop accompanied by some heads of departments
  •  Opening of 3 new archdeaconries: Itombwe Lake Kivu and Uvira
  •  Opening of seven new parishes (Kadutu, Kaundju, Panzi Mushunguti, Mulambi, Bigezi, Kaziba)
  •  Opening of the 7 parishes missionaries (Katindo Beroya, Ngangi Karhale, Kalundu Kavimvira, golden beach).
  •  Implementation of new chapels Hombo Ndosho Chiriba / Kaziba, Kitembo, Katindo Kirehe Kibula, Misese / Lake Tanganyika, Ngala Tchavu / Bigezi, Kwigore, Luvungi and Bulonge / Uvira.
  •  Ordination of 36 priests and 18 deacons
  •  Financial support for the construction of 12 churches
  •  Confirmation of 3717 Christians
  •  Organization of seminars  (SOMA, Rev. John HAYFORD Bukavu, Rutshuru and Kinyandonyi).
  •  Organization of a seminar on evangelism by ALPA RACE method in Goma
  •  Organization of crusades.
  •  Screening of the life of Jesus Christ in Panzi, Petrol, Mushego and Kalonge.
  •  Distribution of Literature (6762 treaties, 2673 Gospel of John, 41 Bibles, hymnals 10 in Kiswahili).
  •  Organisation of four retreats
  •  Visit exchange of experience by the Bishop and his wife in the Diocese of Embu, Kenya.
  •  Participation of the Secretary Diocesan Priests formation of the Anglican Communion to Canterbary / England and visits to various partners and friends of the Diocese of Bukavu.
  •  Participation of Evangelism Coordinator at EA conference and training Burundi Cameroon.
  •  Creation of an AGR Kadjuchu (3 breeding goats).
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