Monday, February 18, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu

Diocesan Secretariat  / Administration

  •  Preparation and distribution of the Constitution to departments and archdeacon.
  •  Purchase of Land Cruiser Prado Jeep for transportation of the Bishop
  •  Improved earnings situation of 14.1% for heads of departments and 16.5% for other workers.
  •  Appointment of three new Archdeacons
  •  Assignment of two new priests
  •  Assignment of responsibility for the Children's Section
  •  Exploitation of correspondence
  •  Convening meetings and 36 diocesan
  •  1 regular Diocesan Synod held
  •  Implementation of retirement one pastor
  •  3 external audits conducted
  •  2 members of staff meetings held
  •  Purchase of a motorcycle for transportation coordinator Biblical Institutes
  •  Payment of taxes to operate the Internet
  •  Payment of the position in Rwanda
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