Monday, February 18, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu

Mothers Union

  •  Organization of meetings of the Diocesan Committee
  •  Organization of the monthly meetings of the Federation of Women in the Anglican parishes
  •  Visits to parishes and archdeaconries (44 of 64 parishes)
  •  Initiation of income generating activities 12 (Agriculture, canteen, tontine, ...)
  •  Provision of microcredit rotary roughly 60 women victims of sexual violence
  •  Organisation of 7 seminars on trauma and its effects more or less 207 women victims of sexual violence on the Millennium Development Goals and the Mothers' Union.
  •  Training of 27 women in difficult situations in cross-Couture and equipment sewing machines and artificial flowers.
  •  Grants 20 goats 4 associations roughly 350 women victims of sexual violence in Kalehe.
  •  Humanitarian assistance to 125 displaced families in Bunyakiri (125 distribution campaigns, nine boxes of soap and 200kgs of salt.
  •  Participation in the Global Days of women.
  •  Celebration of World Days of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mothers' Union every year.
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