Monday, February 18, 2019

Diocese of Bukavu

Office Of Community Development (BDC) And Adult Literacy

  •  Management GEDIBU association with the proposed construction of Primary School Lwanwa in Walungu
  •  Reforestation and dissemination of improved Kamanyola homes and Kabare
  •  Participation in the management of rehabilitation activities infrastructure destroyed by the earthquake (Cathedral St. Peter Parish Cirunga Chapel Nyantende ...)
  •  Technical support for the development of the Diocesan Constitution, strategic plan, some projects and seminars and assessment sessions.
  •  Participation in the organization of the training seminar (ARDF in Goma, resource mobilization and reconciliation Walungu HIV / AIDS in Baraka and Kalehe Nagra Beni).
  •  Development of a score of projects submitted to Agriculture Seeds for Africa, ARDF, reforestation, rehabilitation and construction of health centers, Trinity Church, ... and making contact with the donor or donor funds (CORDAID ARDF, MONUC, IRC, U.S. Embassy, Fondation Ensemble, ...
  •  State of play and creation of development committees in 10 parishes (Bangwe Uvira, Kigongo, Kalonge Kabanda Muhumba, Bushagire, Lweza ...
  •  Development of statutes and Rules New Life Recovery Initiative (NELIRI) association
  •  Assistance to Displaced War victims.
  •  Supports and provides micro credit agro pastoral 45 women raped in Goma and its surroundings.
  •  Creating a Literacy Centre in Rutshuru
  •  26 widows in Goma  get assistance to run income generating activities
  •  Children from nine victims of rape and HIV / AIDS education in Goma
  •  Assistance in agriculture andhouseholds in  of Goma and its surroundings.
  •  1 empowerment seminar organized for different social strata
  •  1 project in cocoa archdeacon of Rutshuru
  •  1 trading training project for women and girls vulnerable .
  •  Construction of a multipurpose hall in Bukavu
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