Diocese of Boga


If we have departments, it is to carry out God’s work among specific layers of our society, with specific approach or method. Mission and evangelism is a special branch that goes out to fish men and bring them to God. But the concern of the department is that not much has been done to nurture the soul brought to Christ. The department is not funded and find it hard to reach out. If every Christian in the diocese contributed a $ for mission, which will be his or her involvement to mission, the department will stand and move. The idea was highly appreciated by the synod, and requested the diocesan executive and the archdeacons to help the idea come into reality.

The Mother’s Union will be committed to building up Christian family values, help women to overcome the challenges of our society now: poverty, violence against women, diseases and contribute to peace.

The Youth department is working with the youth to give them right direction to manage their life on the light of the scriptures to grow as useful men and women for themselves, their families, the church and the whole society. The department that was initiated by Judy is proud to have produced the majority of church leaders, the Bishop included.

The Education, TEE and Health have to work with the local church to ensure that the teachers, the medical staff, the sick people and students feel the love and care of our Lord Jesus Christ the great Teacher and Healer, own the great his great mission. The two departments were run as if they were the affair of the diocesan executive affair. As I said earlier, all the departments have to be present from the cathedral to the village church.

The Development department is mainly working to implement humanitarian and aid programs, little if nothing is done for the financial sustainability of the diocese. All the income generating units have collapsed and produced less than 1 % to our budget.

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