Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of Kasai


  • Agro pastoral activities:
  1. Support multi farmers - farmers for breeding improved in 2011 Kankelenge on 2ha of cowpea seeds.
  2. As part of the NSA project (Non-State Actors) with support from the European Union and USAID Civic Education in 2012 Luputa, Mwene Ditu and Katakokombe.


  • Environmental Activities
  1. Awareness of peasant populations reforestation and ecosystem in the popularization of fruit trees, coffee cultivation and palm.

  • Activities for women in difficult circumstances:
  1. Structures of women are put in place from the parishes, the Diocese archdeaconries up to raise awareness of women and girls on their terms.

  • Activities in favor of children in difficult circumstances: None

Activities and young
- The youth committees are set up from the parishes, the Diocese archdeaconries to working for the Education of Young Religious Culture. Scouts, boys and girls brigades, juniors are groups of activities.

v)  Activities for children: None.
w) Activities and for people of the third age: None.
x) activity for disadvantaged groups (pygmy): None
y) Activities for the fight against HIV / AIDS:
- Through various county and parish committees sensitization are regularly conducted at all levels during the scheduled sessions.

z) Activities in the fight against malaria and other major diseases: Several training sessions and contact with members of the church and the surrounding population on hand washing, breastfeeding, care diarrhea in children, the use of mosquito nets, maternal vaccination and children etc. .... are taught in a programmed manner.

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