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Diocese of Katanga


Achievements BDC

  •  Fight against Malaria and HIV / AIDS by distributing 174,000 Nets ITNs.
  •  Supervision of 12 peasant associations with food security program.
  •  Construction of four schools and infrastructure rehabilitation. These are projects executed by the BDC, with funding from World Bank through funding Social Fund of the Republic (FSRDC) for targeted schools.
  •  Construction of the modern market katala to Sakania with funding (FSRDC).
  •  Fight against acute malnutrition: the Anglican BDC works in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) for the nutritional rehabilitation program for 6,000 children, 3,430 pregnant and lactating women in the area of health Manika in Kolwezi.
  •  Basic Education by the school canteen WFP food distribution to schools 33 3 S / Divisions Kolwezi District Program.

Achievements of the Youth in AGAPE Christian Mission

  •  Statistics:.2130 Youth in 6 archdeaconries.
  •  Organizing work camps Ranger archdeaconries in Lubumbashi and Likasi.
  •  Organization of conferences debate day of reflection and prayer vigil.
  •  Education: seminars leaders Sunday school, the Boys Brigade, the VMU and Girls in archdeaconries.
  •  Proposed a cyber cafe and a party room.

Achievements in Education

  •  Construction of two primary schools in the archdeacon Malemba Nkulu equipment and metal benches by UNDP.
  •  Mechanization of 20 Primary Schools and 8 secondary schools. In total 28 schools in 38 schools mechanized.
  •  Rehabilitation of the E. P. Maka and the construction of three classrooms and equipment 100 metal benches by the World Bank.
  •  Rehabilitation and equipping of three Primary Schools: EP. Kisanga EP. Maendeleo and EP.Imara, metal benches in 445 by the Provincial Government of Katanga and World Vision.
  •  Rehabilitation of latrines E 7. P. Kisanga by St. Mary's School in London.
  •  Installing the EP 4 valves per Kisanga Regideso with funding from UNICEF.
  •  The opening of the Office for the Coordination of Schools of the Anglican Community.

Achievements of Community Health

  • Peventive Medicine
  1. The Anglican Doctor Medical Center has been selected by the provincial government of Katanga to train agents counting and distribution of nets in the area of health Kampemba common.
  2. The Anglican medical center was chosen as the site for the distribution of insecticide-treated nets and 11,000 mosquito nets were distributed.
  3. In the framework of the fight against HIV-AIDS awareness program for girls of Agape School of JCA is regularly organized.
  • Health Education
  1. The girls at the Agape School were taught the simple and severe malaria, mode of transmission, prevention and management approach.
  2. The Anglican medical center organizes pre-and antenatal sessions for mothers and health education sessions.
  3. A total of 2805 mothers were reeducated and 3024 were vaccinated.

  • Special Medicine
  1. In collaboration with USAID, a new recycling technique contraception was held for 5 days. Since 2011 a total of 1036 mothers have joined this method.
  2. A partnership agreement was signed between the NGO and the Anglican ASF Medical Center for grants to motherhood. On this, the medical center has received support color TV, Player, instruments and equipment for maternity.

  • Medical Education
  1. The owner of the clinic nurse Anglican received training on the proper and effective management of complications of childbirth, for 8 days at the convent EMMAUS for reproductive health.
  2. The coordinator and nurse PMI trained 7 days organized by the ASF and UNFPA on the placement of implants which are methods of family planning long duration of action.
  • Medical Care

Two medical centers are operational: Medical Center and St. Mark Kasamba Medical Center.

The activities in this center are:

  1.  The medical care of simple, serious and acute diseases and even common lesions are made.
  2.  The obstetrical management and delivery of women.
  3.  The supply of commodities.

Literacy of Women
Four Literacy centers for women were organized in four parishes. In total 153 women were trained and literate.

Workshop for Women and Girls of the JCA
43 women and 24 young girls were trained in dressmaking and embroidery at the following locations: St. Andrew Parish, Kafubu Parish and the Diocese.

Construction of Churches and Kimbilio Centre

  1.  Purchase sheets by the Diocesan Office for the construction of three parishes: Mapendo, makayabo and Kamina.
  2.  Reconstruction of the Church of the Parish Rte Makala Kalemie which the work is performed with the financial support of the Diocesan Office.
  3. Building a house in the Luwowoshi Kimbilio center for coaching children from their families, under the direction of Mr. Ian Harvey, London Missionary CMS. Ten children were interned in the center whose construction is almost at the end.
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