Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of Katanga


  •  Agro-pastoral: support to farmers' associations of the diocese: a total of 12 associations who receive training in agro-pastoral and are also supported with road projects agricultural service, training projects, processing and marketing of agricultural products,
  •  Environmental: In the environmental context the diocese participated in planting 2,000 trees for reforestation of 3 sites supply water REGIDESO Katanga, planting 250 trees and lawns in urban areas including the city of Kolwezi, awareness 350,000 people against pollution and the fight against climate change in the community,
  •  For women in difficult circumstances: Implementation of micro-credit projects for the 250 women, training against sexual violence and women's rights.
  •  For children in difficult circumstances: Supervision of 12 street children in Kimbilio center and 60 other children who come to coaching and return to the streets.
  •  And with young people fight against HIV / AIDS, spiritual, physical, intellectual and moral more than 500 young people from the Youth Agape Christian (JCA)
  •  For and on behalf of children: childcare for Sunday school teaching them the lives of children and their importance in the church.
  •  In favor of the people of the third age: 0
  •  For other disadvantaged groups (pygmies, ...): 0
  •  For the fight against HIV / AIDS organization of global days of the fight against HIV AIDS awareness in the fight against HIV AIDS in churches, schools and community youth groups.
  •  In the fight against malaria and other major diseases: distribution of more than 800,000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to the population and awareness of more than 150,000 people in the prevention against mosquito.
  •  In the context of infrastructure: construction of two public procurement for the population in the Rural middle of six primary schools in favor of its community schools are managed by the Anglican Church, construction of drains in the old and new part of the Lubumbashi and Kolwezi, waterworks extension REGIDESO in the new district.
  •  In the area of peace and reconciliation training of clergy, laity, youth and women as messengers of peace, a total of 50 people. In archdeaconries Malemba Nkulu May or May caused many atrocities, we reached over 2,750 people and train 70 people including leaders of NGOs, churches, youth and may may in peaceful coexistence between 2007 -2008.
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