Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of Katanga

Union of Mothers

  •  Training and capacity building seminars for moms on the implementation of the five objectives of the Mothers' Union and the Millennium Development Goals.
  •  Formation of six leaders in the advancement of women and children.
  •  Training of 20 moms evangelists pastoral care in the archdeacon of Lubumbashi.
  •  Training of pro women and illiterate men in the archdeacon Likasi.
  •  Opening of two literacy centers Kapolowe - Station.
  •  Opening a bank account for 50 families TMB.
  •  The establishment of an agricultural center: Together we can Parish Bunkeya.
  •  Manufacture of bricks for the construction of a multipurpose hall in Kasumbalesa.
  •  Training of pro couples in the parish of Kalemie.
  •  Initiation of a project to build a repository of food for rent Bunkeya.
  •  Initiation of a project to build three rooms for illiterates in the parish Kapolowe Station by the financial support requested from the company Bralima.
  •  Initiation of a project flow moms Worth in the program with input from FC 2000 by mom week.
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