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Diocese of Kindu

Activities of the Bishop:
bishop kindu

During this period the Bishop has been willing to respond positively to the various frameworks of dialogue, invitations and meetings:

  •       Invitations of the Church, of the Congolese State (e.g.: the arrival of the President of the DRC in Kindu and other administrative authorities in Maniema tour)
  •       Meeting with the representatives of different religious denominations.
  •       Attendance to the cults of prayer for unity of the churches in Kindu.
  •       Pastoral visits organised annually in the Archdeaconries .
  •       Confirmation of over 500 faithful, moral and material assistance to widows and retired pastors.
  •       Several trips inside and outside the country.

Visitors received:

  •       David Gough CMS Ireland.
  •       Neil Smith and Rev. Paul from the Australia.
  •       Rev. Malcolm and Elizabeth Richards from CMS Australia.
  •       Mr Mushamuka H. and Mr Way A. OE program.

Activities by Departments

EVANGELISM and teaching theological by EXTENSION
Evangelization is progressive a thousand to one another within our Archdeaconries, respective parishes, because it is a routine activity  until the coming back of Jesus Christ.

Punia: new archdeaconry located north of the Diocese at 236 Km from KINDU to Kisangani. Its growth is slow due to the social context degrading to the country, a painful life of the servants of God and a low commitment of Christians engaged more songs and prayers groups instead of replacing the approach-making of evangelization.

Among the results of the evangelical activities, it should be noted: the disappearance of witch doctors, the recovery of the woman by the State between man and woman, the fear of God settled in the minds of some Christians, Christians willing to listen to the word of God.

Theological education by extension (E.T.E)
The program is operational in three Archdeaconries nine in the Diocese to Kindu, Kalima and Kayuyu. This decrease of activity is due to the decrease in the level of supplies (pounds) from BUKAVU and the cost of air transport.

Christian Education:
The Diocese has produced a number of documents facilitating the activities of strengthening  the Christians in parishes.
Training theological and Bible School

Theological Training
The Diocese has two students in the UAC/BUNIA and three  have already completed their theological studies returning to Kindu. Under the South-South partnership under the assistance of CMS Australia, the Diocese had 04 clergy retrained in Iringa, Diocese of Ruaha in Tanzania. A deacon and his family are continuing their training at the same time. Another couple is in Uganda for  theological studies in Mukono (UCU).

Bible School
The Diocese had three  Bibleschools in Kalima, Lusumba and Kankenge.
To reconcile the Bible School of the local community and taking account of non-viability of some schools biblical but also high funding costs that weighed down the Diocese. Diocesan Council had decided to merge into one which is viable and operational in Kindu, the   school biblical of BEROYA.

This school enters the process of reform of the system of training of evangelists within the Diocese of Kindu. Training covers a period of three years with a goal oriented towards the exercise of Pastoral Ministry. Each year, candidates spend three months of training course in the parishes at the end of each semester.
Union of mothers
This Department currently has several members admitted according to the criteria of selection of Mary Sumner House and enjoys multiple coaching seminars, training of mothers of the Diocese. It is equipped with a large operational women training centre with room of a capacity of more than 150 people.

The widowed mothers of pastors and evangelists are beneficiaries of material, spiritual assistance Department.
An open collaboration was between this Department and the Federation of Protestant women of the Congo at the Provincial level.

Youth Christian AGAPE (JCA) girls and Abdallah

The JCA is active in almost all of our archdeaconries and enjoys several training seminars for its social and spiritual mobilization. The main activity is the choir. Ten young boys and a girl have been trained at the Centre of training of youth in Mahagi, Diocese of ARU.

The Institute of higher technical and Administration social acronym ISTAS/Mahagi form two students of Diocese of KINDU for the higher level.

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