Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of Kindu

Future Prospects

To bypass and overcome the multiple difficulties in the Diocese, we have

  •       Exploitation of local resources by local skills through community materialization of the new approach 'Together we can' logo E.N.P on the range of the Diocese.

Organize a diocesan finance and administration forum to improve the administrative, financial management internal.

  •       Develop new strategies of evangelization in the territory with high concentrations of Muslims, and reorganize the chaplaincy of the schools, health services in the territories.
  •       Locally, train caterchists in our Archdeaconries.
  •       Merge some non-viable parishes and which does not fulfil all the criteria for selection after 20 years of existence resulting from the process of boundaries.
  •       Retrain old pastors and evangelists.
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