Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of Kindu


bishop kindu
Rt Rev Masimango Katanda,
Dean of the Province,
Bishop - Diocese of Kindu

The Anglican Diocese of Kindu covers the entire area of the Province of Maniema and the territory of Shabunda in the neighbouring Province of south-Kivu.

Maniema has a population estimated at 1.802.913 inhabitants distributed in 07 administrative territories which contain 34 chiefdoms (or sectors), 317 groupings and 2.208 villages. The town of Kindu, headquarters, account 03 urban Communities and 06 neighbourhoods.

The Diocese of kindu is faithful ±20.000 or 9.14% of this population divided into 9 Archdeaconries, 49 parishes, and 260chapels.

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