Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of Kindu


The Diocese of Kindu is headed by Bishop Zacharias Manda Katanda, Bishop and guardian.

Nine departments are operational namely:

  • Education has an arrangement Protestant (ECP), led by evangelist SHARIFA MAHAPATRA
  • Office Diocesan of community development and health (BDBC & health), directed by Bisoga Anthony
  • Union of mothers (M-U), Secretary Miss Helena Kilelezi Matisho
  • Youth Christian AGAPE (JCA, with two Branches girls and Sunday school), Coordinator Amazã Jean
  • Theological training and Bible School
  • Evangelization and theological by Extension (E.T.E), Rev Amazã Didi
  • Adult literacy Coordinator is a student
  • Schools chaplain, Rev Mulonga Kampene
  • Finance, Mr Binkenda Kasambula
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