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Diocese of Kinshasa

Geographical Boundaries

The Diocese of Kinshasa includes within its jurisdiction, administrative provinces of Kinshasa, Bandundu and Bas-Congo in the DRC, the entire territory of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) with the aim to reach to Gabon the junction with the mission part of Cameroon and Nigeria. For the moment, it is bounded to the north by the Province of Ecuador (jurisdiction of the Diocese of Kisangani), to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by the provinces of Kasai Oriental and Occidental (Diocese of Kasai ) and to the south by the Republic of Angola.

Its current size, not including Gabon, is 701,605 square kilometers of which 9965 for the city of Kinshasa, 53,000 for the province of Bas-Congo, Bandundu and 295,650 to 342,000 for the R Congo.

It has a population of over 23,440,000 inhabitants, of whom 3.6 million for the Bas-Congo, 3,640,000 for R Congo, Bandundu and 7.2 million for more than nine million people in the City- From Kinshasa province.

Our diocese is located in the tropics. It enjoys a tropical climate with wet woodland and gallery forest on a ferruginous soil in Kinshasa, Bas-Congo, Bandundu and part of the R Congo, and an equatorial climate with dense forest on lateritic soils in the north of the Republic of Congo.

The Missionary Diocese of Kinshasa is crossed by numerous rivers including Congo, Ubangi, Sanga, Kasai, Lake Mai-Ndombe River and the Atlantic Ocean, which provide excellent natural avenues for its mission evangelization. He knows two rainy seasons and two dry seasons distinct at specific times to better plan campaigns and missions evangelism without much hindrance.

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