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Diocese of Kisangani



  •        Holding of Diocesan Executive Committee in the archdeaconry of Isangi from 19 to 25 March 2012 with 150 members clergy and laity
  •        Multiplication of the archdeaconries Episcopal visits
  •        Ordination of a deacon Reverend who increased the number of pastors from 64 to 65
  •        Opening of a new bearing archdeaconry the number 11 and 12
  •        Staffing and the Archdeacons of the Reverend's membership for the monthly offering cards
  •        Staffing to Reverend Diocesan Secretary of a Senke motorcycle


  •        Organization of a campaign of evangelization and Bible seminar in the archdeaconries of Matete and yahuma until the vicinity of the border with the province of Ecuador
  •        Increase in the number of the faithful which goes from 12,600 in 2007 to 2012 16520
  •        Episcopal visits and confirmation in the parish of Banalia and other.


  •        Increase the number of schools from 83 in 2006 with a total of 17.613 students at 94 schools with a workforce of 18.564 students
  •        The mechanization of the schools increased from 41 to 63
  •        Partial construction of the Luete complex with the support of the provincial government
  •        Ongoing the school coordination office construction
  •        Edge of the primary school Yasekwe at 61 Km road Yangambi

Biblical, Theological and Other Training

  •        Three graduate training in theology
  •        Four students are training at the graduate level and at the level of Bachelor of missiology
  •        Formation of ten framers of youth
  •        Formation of a pastor at the international school of evangelization in Goma

Medical Works

  •        Formation of the sensitizing teachers and nurses to combat HIV/AIDS in our schools
  •        Distribution of sports equipment in our schools
  •        Distribution of health materials in our health centres (coordination support provincial health)

Community Development

  •        Construction of a hospital in Ibole in the archdeaconry of Yamofaya (support of Manos Unidas)
  •        Construction of a multi-purpose hall (support of the UTO)
  •        Granting of 11 shellers to 11 archdeaconries (support of ARDF)
  •        Construction of 4 primary schools with support from the Social Fund of the Republic
  •        Supervision of the market gardeners in the outskirts of the city of Kisangani

Union of Mothers

  •        Tour of MOM President with his 2 secretaries in the archdeaconries indoors with a self-management training
  •        Initiation of microprojects (fields and livestock in the parishes)
  •        Initiative for the purchase of kitchen utensils, plastic chairs in the majority of the parishes
  •        Opening a restaurant


  •        Organization of a training seminar on twenty-three years of literacy in the diocese of Kisangani
  •        Integration of the literates in the activities of the churches


  •        Training on the role of the laity in the Church
  •        Organization of the seminar-workshop on the animation of the Bible study group
  •        Awareness about the support of the clergy by the laity


  •        Organization of the emissions on the identity and origin of the Anglican Church
  •        Awareness of the population of the DRC on voter registration and elections in 2011
  •        Fishers of men broadcast is partnered with radio Japan, radio Nederland wereldonoep


  •        Musical and theatrical festival
  •        Rearing of pigs, goats and poultry
  •        Agriculture (paddy, cassava...)
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