Thursday, May 23, 2019

Department of Mission And Evangelization

This department is mandated to ensure the Church’s growth in terms of both numbers and in the knowledge of God.

Roles of the department:

•    Coordinating the activities of the evangelization in all the Dioceses of the PACC

•    Planning activities relating to evangelism which include evangelism conferences, campaigns and seminars among others

•    Training the Diocesan evangelization coordinators on evangelism and Church growth

•    Represent the PACC in the evangelism-related meetings in the country and abroad

•    Working together with Dioceses to strengthening evangelization in schools, in the military, prisons and spread the good news to all.

•    Planting churches in areas newly evangelized

•    Organizing capacity-building seminars for pastors and laity in the Evangelism

•    Working together with Archbishop in sourcing for funds to support the work of evangelism

•    Monitoring the implementation of the department’s planned activities

•    Coordinate Chaplaincy in schools

•    Creating partnerships with other Evangelistic organizations both nationally and internationally

•    Producing departmental reports to the Provincial Secretary

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