Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diocese of North Kivu


  •           Several seminars at the Archdeacons, pastors, heads of departments and other
  •           Evangelism, purchase of plots and construction of chapels in Lubero territory,
  •           Opening of 3 offices of conseillerie (Butebo, Beni and Goma) resident,
  •           Revision of the constitution submitted to the PEAC for approval,
  •           Several seminars on OE (together we can)
  •           The Diocesan Office to the Internet connection,
  •           Purchase of the cemetery to the leaders of the Church in Burecommendations...  tembo,
  •           Visit of 13 archdeaconries of 15 organizing seminars and confirmations,
  •           Mutual visits with the leaders of other religious denominations,
  •           Beginning of the construction of the Multipurpose room having a capacity of 500 people,
  •           Vision to build a House of passage (guesthouse) whose Foundation is already finished and which will have a capacity of 36 people,
  •           Sending some students to the UAC, the CJFE and the CCLK
  •    Different trips outside the diocese for seminars (Bunia, Aru, Katanga, UK, Kinshasa, Nairobi, Bujumbura...),
  •           Receiving of different domestic visitors and international (including the authorities),
  •           Several meetings of the Diocesan staff, Diocesan Council and that of the 9th diocesan synod held from 22 to 27 May 2012.
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