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Diocese of North Kivu


bishop nordkivu
Rt Rev Muhindo Isesomo,
Bishop - Diocese of North Kivu

Creation: the diocese of Nord-Kivu started on  23 February 1992 with Bishop Munzenda Musubaho as his 1er Bishop.

Headquarters: the headquarter of North Kivu is located in Butembo, a commercial town with a population of more or less 850,000 inhabitants.

The boundaries: the diocese extends over two territories in the Province of North Kivu that are Lubero and Beni. In the East the diocese of Nord-Kivu is boarded by Lake Edward, mount Rwenzori and Uganda. To the North, it is boarded by  Eringeti, Kamal, boarded by the diocese of Boga in Eastern Province. To the South, it is boarded by  Kanyabayonga with the diocese of Bukavu, but on the educational level, the diocese of Nord-Kivu directs all schools in North Kivu. To the West, the diocese is boarded by  the equatorial forest.

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