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Diocese of Kasai


bishop kasais
Rt Rev Marcel Kapinga,
Bishop - Diocese of Kasai

• The creation of the Diocese
Is on the resolutions of the second Diocesan Synod held in Kinshasa from 10 to 19 February 2008 on the creation of a new diocese of Mbuji-Mayi for two Kasai his bishop was elected on 28/11/2008. Sacred Butembo, December 12, 2010 and inducted in Mbuji-Mayi January 30, 2011, the day of the inauguration of the Diocese.

• To date, the diocese is 2 years old. It covers two Provinces Administrative Kasai Oriental with the  main town of Mbuji-Mayi and Kasai Occidental with Chief - Kananga place.
These two provinces have a total area of 2,127,852 km ² 1,973,110 km ² 154,742 km Kasai Oriental and Kasai Occidental ².

• The populations of these two provinces are engaged in agriculture and small-scale mining of minerals (diamond), the small livestock to the individual and family level, the trade.

• The Kasai Oriental is populated by 6,556,917 inhabitants, while the Kasai Occidental is 5,336,068.

• The diocese has only two years of existence, it is premature to talk about growth.

However, the number of the faithful previously declined because of conflicts increases gradually after the advent of some new Diocese and Parish appear.

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