Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Diocese of Kinshasa


Current Archbishop2
The Most Rev Henri Isingoma Kahwa,
Archbishop - Province of the Anglican Church of Congo (PACC),

Bishop - Diocese of Kinshasa

Since its inauguration 20 December 2003, the Missionary Diocese of Kinshasa today has eight years of existence. It is the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Diocesan Synod.

We take the opportunity offered to us to give  to  our Bishop and our Church in general this information  in a few lines about the development and health of our diocese during the past years.

The Diocese of Kinshasa was given a missionary vocation in order to extend the Anglican mission to the west of the country, after 100 years in the eastern part of the country. Also, this mission reflects the intention to continue the mission as initiated in this country by Apollo Kivebulaya with prophetic missionary vision to bring the Anglican evangelism to the ocean.

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