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Department of Community Development

Development Office is a technical Department of the PACC that is charged with the church’s development issues.

The Role of the Department
•    To provide technical support to Diocesan development offices in programs that geared towards improving the livelihood the poor in the society.

•    Capacity-building of the Diocesan departments in charge of community development and providing financial and material support towards their work

•    Provide capacity building and technical support other Provincial departments especially in project proposals, planning, monitoring and evaluation.

•    Overseeing the implementation of community health programs and medical services

•    Represent the PACC in development related meetings at the national and international level

•    Seeking and establishing both local and international partnerships for the support of the social works in PACC

•    Participate in the evaluation of social work within the PACC

•    Producing departmental reports to the board through the Provincial Secretary

Community Development Department supervises the medical services unit, that has the below functions:

•    The medical Service helps the PACC to carry out its mission in promoting the physical and mental health of local communities.

Roles of Medical Service Unit:

•    Provides the support require by the PACC health centres and hospital particulary in the area of equipment & medical supplier and rehabilitation of health facilities.

•    Continuous training for capacity building of the health personnel

•    Supervision of the activities carried out by the medical service and HIV/AIDS in the Dioceses

•    Representing the PACC in conferences and meetings on health and HIV/AIDS both inside and outside the Congo

•    Fundraising for the medical services unit

•    Sharing the unit’s work plan with the Provincial Board of health;

•    Producing unit’s reports to the board through the Provincial Secretary

The Mission of  the Heath Program

To contribute to the improvement of the health of the population through the promotion of primary health care, with special attention to the most vulnerable, while respecting the communities culture, ethics and Christian values.

The Mission of the HIV & AIDS Program

Fighting HIV/AIDS in all its aspects and to ensure that the infected and affected persons are treated with dignity and compassion, without stigma or discrimination.

We have 3 levels of intervention in the two programs:

•    General health including the management of health centres, water and sanitation),

•    HIV/AIDS and Sexual violence,

•    Emergency response

The PEAC manages 57 Health centers, 3 Hospitals, 3 Despensaries, 1 Dental clinic and 33 Clinics


Number of
health centres

Number of

Number of
Number of
Number of
Dental Clinics
  Boga  15  01  -  04  -
  Aru  08  01  01 01 -
  North Kivu  21  01  02  09  01
  Bukavu  08 - - 03  -
  Kisangani  04 - - 14  -
  Kindu  01  -  -  02  -
  Kinshasa  -  -  -  -  -
  Kasai  -  -  01  -  -
  Total  57  03  04  33  01
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