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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Diocèse de Boga


bishop boga
Mgr Bahemuka William,
Evȇque de Diocèse de Boga

The Diocese of Boga is the mother diocese which was created in July 1972 and covered in the scope when all the Congolese Republic. The diocese and the Cathedral archdeaconries 6, 28 parishes. To have a decent picture of the diocese and its activities, we have developed seven very important tools and a sources of data. These data will allow us to have a strategic plan and basis for action missionary engage in social transformation through the gospel:

  •  Data detailed statistics: to identify human resources for planning missionary actions.
  •  Identification cards: one for policy planning staff pension that the diocese employment and some of which are miserably at the end of their careers.
  •  Inventory sheets: to identify the material resources of the diocese to plan revenue generating activities.
  •  Pastoral activity sheets: to evaluate the activities of all stakeholders of the mission.
  •  Map of the Diocese: to locate the missionaries to cover areas.
  •  Accounting documents: every parish to identify financial resources and their allocation to a comprehensive and transparent financial reporting.
  •  Tools of worship: prayer book and hymn book for Orthodox worship.
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